Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tablet PCs in school – Part 2 

Carl Skadian, the technology writer for The Straits Times, supports the introduction of the Tablet PC in schools (see my earlier post “Tablet PCs in school”).

A reader had written to The Straits Times, asking if this was a case of using technology for technology’s sake.

Skadian rebutted the reader's point by saying that Tablet PCs “provide a more efficient way of doing things”. He also said that the use of “computers makes learning a lot more fun and interactive.”

He concluded by implying that Crescent Girls’, who had introduced the Tablet PCs, “is on the right path”.

Unfortunately, Skadian refused to “go into the dollars and cents of the move”. Which makes his whole argument specious.

If cost is not considered, almost anything can be made to look right. If cost is not considered, a private jet would look right for me too.


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