Thursday, September 09, 2004

Fun with numbers from ST 

The following came from The Straits Times today.

A report mentioned that business intelligence and consultancy firm Datamonitor has estimated that over 415,000 individuals in Singapore have more than US$50,000 in onshore liquid assets. This group of individuals, known as the “mass affluent”, have a total investible wealth of US$112 billion last year. The report said that “the fact that the wealth of these 415,000 is US$112 billion indicates that most of them probably hold more than the study’s US$50,000 liquid asset minimum to be considered part of the mass affluent” (italics added).

Since US$50,000 is the minimum, shouldn’t all of them hold more than that amount?

An article on home office setup said that you need “a good sturdy table and a comfortable chair. Your desk should be big enough for a computer’s central processing unit, monitor, printer and telephone, and still leave some working space for you. A 1.5mm by 0.6mm table would be an ideal size” (italics added).

Nanotechnology at work?

In both instances, you can probably guess what the writers actually intended to say.


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