Monday, November 01, 2004

More armed police patrols 

The Singapore government is taking the terrorist threat very seriously. Excerpt from a Channel NewsAsia report:

Armed police patrols for all parts of Singapore from Monday
From Monday, armed officers from the Police Special Operations Command will patrol commercial, entertainment and residential areas. They will be armed with machine guns, similar to the ones used by troops who now patrol Changi Airport... The police said this is an expansion of the patrols that are now carried out at the airport and other areas like Boat Quay and Newton Circus. The police told Channel NewsAsia that the expansion of the armed patrols is not due to any specific security threat to Singapore...
Those who call Singapore a police state can finally show proof.


The threat of the evil-doers is now being used to invade schools and remove civil liberties from Singaporeans. Cameras in lecture halls, sounds like someone is frightened of what may be said in those rooms.

The threat from 'terrorism' is the fear of an idea. When will the cameras be removed? Is there a timeline for installation and 'removal'?

Who will protect Singaporeans from their so called protectors?

The press became accustomed to publishing scare stories and not retracting them; politicians became accustomed to responding to supposed threats rather than questioning them; the public became accustomed to the idea that some sort of apocalypse might be just around the corner. "Insecurity is the key driving concept of our times," says Durodie. "Politicians have packaged themselves as risk managers. There is also a demand from below for protection." The real reason for this insecurity, he argues, is the decay of the 20th century's political belief systems and social structures: people have been left "disconnected" and "fearful". http://www.guardian.co.uk/terrorism/story/0,12780,1327904,00.html

"The making of the terror myth"

Yes, what occurred in Beslan was terrible, does the government have any evidence that such an attack was being planned, or is their argument going to be that it 'might' happen. The making of choices based on the idea of 'worst possible' scenario tends to hand control to those with the most frightening nightmares. Rule by fear has replaced the promise of hope.

"Those with the darkest fears became the most powerful."

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