Monday, December 27, 2004


The scale of the tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean region is simply horrific.

Death toll from Asian quake, tsunami passes 16,000
The death toll from an earthquake off Indonesia and tsunami that it unleashed reached 16,147 Monday as officials reported deaths in eight countries in southern and southeastern Asia. At least 5,880 people, including 70 foreigners, were killed and many more were reported missing in Sri Lanka... At least 5,279 people were killed in southern India... In Indonesia, at least 4,448 people were killed as the country took the full force of the huge earthquake and tsunami that swallowed entire coastal villages...
Plus many more made homeless and left vulnerable to disease.

So much for beachfront property.

Singaporeans can be thankful that Singapore’s geographical position has spared it from this sort of disasters so far.


I've been following this event. Its hard to believe the amount of death and destruction. A friend in Thailand said the resort areas of Phuket are compeletly wiped out. Some areas will no doubt be plunged into economic recession.

Tom @ Sixth World

As it stands now, death toll has reached 23,000. It's the worst natural disaster in history.

Terrible Tragedy! As of the posting of this comment, the death toll is up to 120,000.

For Christians who want to donate to provide disaster relief... I have added some Christian mission relief links to: www.heartformissions.net

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