Monday, January 17, 2005

Lions win Tiger 

Singapore won the Tiger Cup football tournament yesterday.

Singapore win Tiger Cup with 2-1 win over Indonesia at National Stadium
The Lions have done it, winning the fifth edition of Tiger Cup after a 2-1 victory over Indonesia on Sunday at the National Stadium. In front of a packed home crowd at the stadium, the Lions roared to victory, taking the title convincingly after having won the first leg 3-1 in Indonesia...

Singapore, who scored first at Senayan, again opened accounts after Indra Sahdan beat two defenders and the Indonesian keeper in the 5th minute... Indra [was] brought down in the penalty box five minutes before the break. Agu Casmir coolly converting the spot kick to give Singapore their second goal for the night. [Indonesia’s] Kurniawan's hard work in the 76th minute ended with Eli Aiboy easily tapping in to pull one back for Indonesia...
Congratulations to the Singapore team for the achievement.

I think Singapore, though, should not get carried away with the victory. The standard of play yesterday wasn’t very inspiring. The ball spent too much time in the air and the players spent too much time on their backsides. The tackling was often clumsy, forcing the referee to show the card so often he must have felt like a dealer at a poker table.

The Lions may now be kings in Southeast Asia but they have a long way to go before they can rub shoulders with the best in Asia, much less the rest of the football world.


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