Friday, April 29, 2005

Living with a casino 

Apparently, some Singaporeans are not only willing to have a casino in Singapore, they want to live right next to one.

Residential projects near integrated resorts attract keen buyers
Property developers reported keen buyer interest in the two weeks after the government’s decision to go ahead with two integrated resort projects. This is for both residential properties near the two sites earmarked for the resorts.

City Developments, which is developing The Sail at Marina Bay, projected increases in property prices of as much as 10 to 15 percent...

Meanwhile, Keppel Land reported heightened interest in its Caribbean at Keppel Bay project which faces Sentosa Island. It said potential buyers were pleased with the idea of having an integrated resort, just a stone’s throw away from their waterfront homes. ERA, one of the marketing agents for Caribbean, said more than 20 deals were clinched, after news of the resort project at Sentosa...
I wonder whether these residents will get discounts into the casino/integrated resort.


This really tickles me. A year plus ago when I was in California, Arnie (ahh...our Governator, as my wife and I like to refer to him) was talking about allowing more Indian-run casinos in a certain district (read: collect more taxes) not too far from where we stayed. The residents were all up in arms. The attack ads were as frequent and pointed as the ones against Walmart (which says a lot). Haven't been following the news about that though so I'm not sure if the Governator had his way.

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