Friday, August 27, 2004

Extreme sports makes the front page 

The headline on the front page of The Straits Times today reads: “S’pore on world map of extreme sports”. Excerpt:

A well-known international extreme sports event will be held here in October, the latest in a series of extreme sports events aimed at putting Singapore on the world map as a “must-see” destination. Action Asia Challenge, a cross between the hot TV serials Survivor and The Amazing Race, will put athletes through a challenging course that will see them jumping off bridges and perhaps zipping down the Esplanade in an extreme sport discipline called the flying fox.
It’s interesting news indeed, but I’m not sure why it made the front page of the newspaper. It’s apparently more important than the bomb blast in Thailand, the uprising in Najaf, the fallout of the bird flu on Singapore, and the inquiry on the Nicoll Highway collapse.

The sidebar on the bird flu story (see also my earlier post) was titled: “Importers, hawkers feel the pain of ban”. Apparently though, the editors of The Straits Times think that self-inflicted pain is more interesting.


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