Monday, August 23, 2004

National Day Rally 

In his maiden National Day Rally speech yesterday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spent over three hours outlining his plans for the nation. In a sign that he is a man in a hurry, his speech covered a wide range of topics and mentioned a number of initiatives, many of them bold, and some – apparently emphasising his point about the need to be ready to change — even reversing his own earlier policies (see “A speech for all Singaporeans: Fresh and bold initiatives in PM Lee’s first rally”).

For details of his speech, see the following:

Singapore’s PM Lee says his recent visit to Taiwan is in his country’s interests

Singapore’s schools to get 3,000 more teachers by 2010

PM Lee urges Singapore’s youths to come forward and serve the nation

PM Lee focuses on Singapore’s post-independence generation

National Day Rally: PM Lee sets out vision of “future of opportunity and promise” for Singapore

Longer maternity leave, lower maid levy to address falling birth rates: Singapore’s PM Lee


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