Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Gallup highlights leadership deficiencies in Singapore 

A recent survey by The Gallup Organization has provided clues as to why Singapore workers are not engaged in their work: Deficiencies in their leadership. Excerpt from a report in The Straits Times today.

WHY are Singaporean workers “bo chap”, or uninterested? For the answer, look no further than their bosses.

Employees who get no feedback, don’t see their best ideas implemented, and also do not get grooming to become the next generation of leadership, simply “disengage” from their jobs.

And that is what Singapore bosses and leaders need to fix — and fast, says the latest poll by The Gallup Organization, the Gallup Leadership Institute at the University of Nebraska and the Singapore Institute of Management...
Frankly, though, this shouldn’t be news to anyone who has been following the management scene in Singapore. It just hasn’t been given the same publicity in the local media as, say, “poor worker attitude” or “poor customer service”. It’s useful to remember, though, that the performance of the worker is often linked to the kind of leadership that he gets.


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