Saturday, February 26, 2005

Has the Health Minister changed his mind? 

A few months back, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan was quoted by the media as saying he was “relaxed” about the exodus of doctors from the public sector. His latest views are as follows:

Doc brain drain not OK
THERE are some in his ministry who think that the migration of doctors from the public to the private sector is “not a loss”, as long as they continue to practise here. But Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan disagrees.

With a record exit of 247 doctors — 87 of them specialists — from public healthcare last year, those who lose out are not just subsidised patients, but also young doctors who would miss out on the teaching and mentoring of senior doctors, said Mr Khaw. The loss is also Singapore’s. Teaching hospitals or academic medical centres — not solo practice — is where progress is more likely to be made in acquiring “new capabilities” for competing globally.

So, to ensure a “critical mass” of talent in the public sector, Mr Khaw is targetting to retain the top 20 to 25 per cent of each cohort of 300 doctors in the sector until they retire...
If the Health Minister has changed his mind, I’m not necessarily critical of him for that. But is he actually aiming to cream off the entire top 20 to 25 percent of each cohort for the public sector?


The minister needs to apply a little known concept. He is certainly paid well enough to do it, but it is apparent that he doesn't.

This concept is called THINKING.

The reason docs are leaving (and power to them) is because:

No one seems to care about the welfare of the CARE GIVERS. Yet they expect the CARE GIVERS to give welfare.Doctors are human beings. And all human beings are entitled to live - by their own efforts and productivity.

However it seems that making money from medicine is somehow "evil" and doctors ought to driven down like beasts of burden - to provide out of sacrifice to the "needs" of the many.

Let's see the highly paid ministers - who live off confiscated property (tax) give up thier fat pay checks and perform a "public service".



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