Thursday, February 17, 2005

Singapore Air Force reviews US training despite royal treatment 

The following news was taken from the Portales News-Tribune.

Singapore Air Force reviewing training
The entire Singapore Air Force training operations in America are under review, officials from the Singapore Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Air Force said Wednesday. But no decision has been made about what will happen to the 428th Fighter Squadron at Cannon Air Force Base, which is comprised of about 100 Royal Singapore Air Force personnel, officials said.

“We are not discussing about the detachment in Clovis (exclusively). We are re-evaluating our overall, overseas detachment training needs,” said Col. Bernard Toh in a telephone interview from Singapore. Toh, a spokesperson for the Singapore Ministry of Defense, said it is standard procedure to re-evaluate training missions in America every few years...

An official statement from the media operations center at the Pentagon underscored the Singaporean message. “The Royal Singapore Air Force is reviewing the force structure of their overseas detachments and is in consultation with the U.S. Air Force,” the release showed.

Randy Harris, president of Bank of Clovis and member of the Committee of Fifty that promotes and supports Cannon operations, said he was aware of the review process going on, but said there is no way to know the ultimate outcome... While in Clovis, the Singaporean families have been active in the community, Harris said. “I think the families have enjoyed tremendously being out west here, and especially the reception the community has given them,” Harris said...
Something’s brewing at the Republic of Singapore Air Force.


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