Monday, February 07, 2005

WDA travels half the world to make inquiries in Person 

Personnel from the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) visit the United States to find new ways to help Singapore workers upgrade and retrain themselves. Excerpt:

Singapore delegation takes pointers from PCC
Given that its country is facing training and worker education challenges akin to those here in the United States, a delegation from Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency visited Piedmont Community College this week to learn what the college is doing to prepare Personians for jobs of the 21st Century.

The group of five seemed impressed by what they heard from PCC Continuing Education staff and Roxie Russell, branch manager of the Person County Employment Security Commission.

The Singapore delegation asked questions Thursday throughout a three-hour presentation in which PCC staff and Russell explained the tools used here to help dislocated and unskilled workers find and keep jobs...
The WDA seems keen enough to improve itself. See also a previous post.


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