Monday, March 21, 2005

Singapore-Taiwan joint military exercise 

Singapore Ink’s Wows has this interesting report.

S’pore-Taiwan Joint Exercises
The Taiwanese army has gained a major breakthrough in its inter-military cooperation level. In order to familiarise themselves and Singapore’s Starlight forces with alliance-like joint operational co-ordination mechanisms, the military is currently breaking from its previous restrictions to conduct joint military operational exercises with the Starlight forces under the joint instruction of American and Japanese military advisers...
From a Singapore Angle’s Huichieh picked up the report and added his comments:

Unfortunately, this sort of news is hard to verify. SAF is not in the habit of being open about our Taiwan connections (the very opposite is true), while the Taiwanese tend to be fairly footloose at times about supposed information. But it is certainly within the realm of possibility... I’m really not sure if China would be pleased with Singapore to hear about this.
Well, you can be sure that China would make her displeasure known — maybe after US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s departure.


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