Saturday, March 05, 2005


Rob at the BusinessPundit.com explains why he believes in neuromarketing.

Because you can’t fool a brainscan... Everyone has a different worldview based on his or her past experiences, and while listening and engaging them may help us understand how they think, we can never be totally sure we are getting the truth. Why not? Because we ourselves don’t always know the truth. We don’t always know what we want. We can’t even explain our own actions sometimes.
To understand more about neuromarketing, Rob gives the following references:

In Search of the Buy Button

Inside the mind of the consumer

What is neuromarketing?

Maybe neuromarketing can be part of Singapore’s arsenal in developing Singapore brands. So that Singaporean companies don’t have to rely just on trade shows or exhortations to Singaporeans to buy Singapore-made goods to sell their products.

I can also see other uses for brain scans. Maybe Singaporeans entering Singapore’s proposed casino could be subjected to brain scans to filter out those who are likely to become addicted to gambling.



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