Saturday, February 26, 2005

Whither The Straits Times? 

In view of the interest in the Singapore blogosphere over the recent decision by The Straits Times to charge for its online content, I think this is pertinent.

Whither The Wall Street Journal?
The Wall Street Journal is not only the best-written, most elegantly edited newspaper to cover business, it may be the best paper period... Nevertheless, the Journal faces an intractable problem. Because you have to subscribe to access both current news articles and the archive, the Journal is leaving only a faint footprint in cyberspace... Since most people refuse to pay for WSJ stories, most bloggers are reluctant to link to them... As a result, there is a meme that has begun to take hold that questions the Journal’s long-term relevancy...
Regular readers of this blog would have noted that, with one previous exception, I hardly link to The Straits Times Interactive. I will be even less likely to from now on.


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