Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Maturity at 22 

In his interview published in The Sunday Times, Philip Yeo was reported to have shown “little patience” with the view that scholars are too young to know what they want. He reportedly said:

They are no longer 18 or 19 years old. Cannot be still immature at the age of 22! When will they grow up?
He also reportedly called it “amazing logic”.

I wonder what he would make of this.


on average, people change careers 7 times in their lives. I can't remember where I got this from, but it was definitely from one of those studies.

People change anyway, that much is certain. Experiences change us, and that is why our needs, wants and desires also change with time.

Therefore it is a foregone conclusion that our goals in life would also change as we grow older. The only people who do not change with time are those who do not experience personal growth.

Obviously, SOMEONE we know has alot of growing up to do.

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