Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More on blogging in the press 

mrbrown complains about the way The Sunday Times reported its interview with him — “they...quoted my remarks selectively” — and of being called an “online diarist” — “what’s up with this bloggers = online diarists crap? Please lah, this is the freakin’ 21st century. Get with the program. I am not a freakin’ diarist.” — but then clarifies that he is not angry at the newspaper.

I wonder what he or other bloggers would say of the following comment from today’s Digital Life:

For now, blogging is the fad. I call it a fad because personal websites were once popular, but that is now passé. While it lasts, enjoy peeking into the lives of those who invite you in.
I wonder whether the writer knows how long blogging has existed, or the fact that for many bloggers, their blogs are — or are parts of — their personal websites.


I would not be surprised if blogging is partly a fad.

But over time, the trivial bloggers will die off and the serious bloggers will continue.

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